FIP/ EMRO - Forum Update
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,Dear All


I am pleased to inform you that I have been in contact with WHO EMRO Office with regards the cooperation our Forum can have with them


:I briefed them about our Forum and can brief the discussion as follows


 EMROPharm wishes to constitute the bridge and network between WHO and National Pharmaceutical bodies to support WHO in EMRO Region

 WHO is positive towards EMROPharm being re-activated

 :EMROPharm wishes to work

 in coordination with WHO (without additional financial burden on WHO) to align Pharmacy Profession in EMRO Region to the Profession level on International level

 in coordination with WHO and FIP to spread the projects in the region (antibiotic resistance, GPP implementation…)

 with the support of WHO – on the steps towards the complete formalisation of the Forum as an organisation and establish a permanent headquarter


Once all steps agreed upon, we will prospect possibility of WHO organizing a meeting with EMROPharm forum members to announce the collaboration and a common action plan that would have been agreed upon meanwhile


:I shared with them the following


 The attendance sheet for the EMROPharm forum meeting held in Buenos Aires

 The Statutes agreed upon during our meeting in Buenos Aires with the signatures on the approval sheet

EMROPharm Forum Annual report for 2015-2016 as per FIP Forums template

EMROPHARM Forum annual presentation


.I will update you as soon as I hear from them


Best regards


Rabih Hassouneh

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